In this morning meditation, I realized that my first show was exactly three years ago and my final show was last weekend. I have enjoyed every single one of them and there has been a lot. That’s how I was able to grow my following organically before my digital marketing campaign began.
From the beginning, I decided to have a good time with this business no matter if I sold one piece or many. I have been shown repeatedly by the Universe the incredible connections that this business has formed. One purchase would turn into many and countless referrals. I just kept doing what I love and the rest was working out.
Every step of the way was and is fun. Refining my craft and learning the business- I love it!
You can see in first couple of pictures from my first show in local art gallery, most of my pieces were created from shells and corals I would find at the beach. This was months before my clasp idea popped into my head.
Through this process I have grown so much and I love all the lessons that came with it; it’s all part of this incredible journey of life.
And OMG, the best part is all these incredible powerful badass babes that came into my life. How else would I achieve these magnificent happenings?! So grateful.
And so this journey continues. Next chapter ❤️