Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

We are often told to look back into our childhood to know what is our true calling in life...Growing up in Soviet Russia as a little girl I was always drawn to magic world of art and design. I remember experiencing a sense of happiness and completion whenever I was in any creative environment. Anything I could make with my hands excited me: drawing, sawing, woodworking, crocheting, cooking...building. Fast forward I am a wife and a mother to three awesome daughters living in South Florida. After years working in health and beauty industry something was still missing. I was looking and searching and it came to me in the moment of inspiration. I walked into local jewelry class and that instant I just knew I found it. I decided to design jewelry that not only looks beautiful but also carries a special personal significance. From that day on I have not stopped... Through this journey I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful strong amazing women. Because of this I have grown and and learned so much about myself. And that’s how Katia Designs was born. I make spiritual jewelry that speaks to your heart and enhances your day.