New hoops have arrived!

Our new hoop earrings - a revamped classic hoop design with lever-back closure - are perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events. With a versatile style that complements any look, you can easily adding a touch of glamour to any outfit. Each pair features one of our uplifting messages, "BLESSED GUIDED LOVED" inscribed on the inside, capturing a free-spirited, Boho vibe. Designed for everyday wear, our earrings are lightweight and comfortable, making them the perfect accessory for all-day elegance.

Available in lustrous gold or sleek silver, these timeless accessories are designed to make a statement while holding a secret message close to your heart. Order yours today and add a touch of and meaning to your accessory collection -- but do it quickly, as these are limited edition items and will sell out fast!

Limited Edition item; available only while supplies last.

Product Details

  • Lead & Nickel Free
  • Choose gold or silver finish
  • Lever-back hinged closure
  • 2" (50mm / 5cm) diameter*
  • ¼" (0.25") width
  • 0.26oz (7.5g) total weight
    *Refer to image for guidance on sizing.

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BGL | Hoop Earrings - SMALLER size, 2" Diameter | 1/4" Width

How to Care For Katia Designs

The Remember rings are plated brass so keeping them dry is important. My pieces are all treated with a finish to help delay the aging process however, exposure to the elements (i.e. water) will eventually eat away at this protective coat quickening the aging process. Here are a few steps to keep your pieces looking like the day you received them:

1. Don't Store Them In Your Bathroom: When taking off your jewelry at night, we are all tempted to leave our pieces where we won't forget to put them back on which is usually in our bathrooms. Bathrooms are the most humid area in our homes so to keep your pieces looking like new, store them in a dry place like a closet.

2. Avoid Getting Them Wet We all love a good sweat sesh - but our jewelry does not! Sweat also breaks down the protective coat quicker so if you are heading to that spin or hot yoga class, make sure to take off your Katia Design pieces before you do! This also includes taking your pieces off before showering, bathing or taking a dip in a pool or the ocean.

3. Use A Microfiber Cloth: The best way to clean our products is with a microfiber cloth after wearing. This will remove smudges and surface dirt.

4. Store In Their Bag: All of my pieces arrive in a cloth bag. These bags serve a dual purpose - as a pretty presentation but also as a way to store your pieces and keep them dry.

Our Guarantee

We do our very best to list items fully and accurately and would only send items that we would be happy to receive.

Katia loves to embrace all of the imperfections that occur when working with organic materials. Due to the crystals and crystal beads being an organic material, shape, clarity, and color vary and may have pits, cracks, and other marks that Mother Nature provided to add interest and beauty.  

Because the majority of our pieces are hand assembled at the time of order, please allow 5-7 business days processing time in addition to whatever shipping method you choose at checkout.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please see our Return Policy.